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About Lessons with Emily
About Piano Lessons:

(Ear Training)

Tired of being tied down to music books, scale and chord books? Tired of having to seek outside help every time you want to play something new? Would you rather understand music so you can figure out any song on your own, more easily play any song immediately, figure out scales and chords on your own, make your own music if you want, play along with anyone easily - even if you have not heard the song before, or even pick up a new instrument and learn to play it quickly?

I teach the practical applications of music theory, in a very easy to grasp way, that makes immediate sense of all music, allows you to understand right away what is going on in any song, how to play it, what chords and scales are called for, and all your options for improvising and making it your own interpretation, and able to transpose to a more suitable key on the spot. Chord books and scale books become superfluous as you understand how to construct any chord on your own. Melodies and chord progressions become easy to play, and easy to remember.

I teach all different types of music, to all ages, beginning students, advanced players, and professional musicians.

(Sight Reading)

I teach students to build up their sight reading skills by focusing on rhythm, interval recognition, and other basic fundamentals. I also teach students that music is not just about the notes, it’s also about using the proper technique and understanding of the music to emote the right feeling in executing the piece successfully as well.

In combining the sight reading and the ear training, I am able to develop each student into a well-rounded musician.

About Emily:

Emily is a pianist/singer/songwriter located in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Piano in 2007, and while there, supplemented her Classical Piano education with private lessons in Voice and Jazz Piano.

Emily has played for various churches, and can be found performing live solo, and with different ensembles, at different venues, in the Roanoke and Richmond, VA area.

*Emily will be performing at Floydfest this year with the Music Lab Group.

*Starting March 21st, Emily will be performing at Holiday Inn’s Elephant Walk Lounge.

In 2012, Emily Flowers was honored to be the winning songwriter for Carilion’s Employee Wellness Campaign.


T: (804) 517-3240